Installing and running Reseed

Reseed is an open-source tool for integrating static sites into subpaths. In order to keep up to date with your content changes, it should be run as part of your site build process.

Requires node ^10.0.0


Install with npm globally: npm install -g reseed

or as a dev dependency in your project: npm install -D reseed


Reseed is run using the following structure:

$ reseed [command] [options]

For example: reseed -s path/to/src -d path/to/dest -b baseurl

Once installed you can also set up your package.json with a custom script, such as:

  "scripts": {
    "reseed": "reseed -s path/to/src -d path/to/dest -b baseurl"

Then use npm run reseed within your project.

#Running via npx

Alternatively, you can use npx to avoid installing reseed as a dependency.

For example:

npx reseed -s path/to/src -d path/to/dest -b baseurl